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History of the CD ripper ACXtractor and
the freedb / CDDB grabber CDAID

History of the CD ripper ACXtractor (fka: RDACD)
[+]:Added [~]:Changed [-]:Removed

V 3.20
[+] Added option to obtain CD info from freedb automatically after 'Read CD Info'
[+] Added CZECH language file
[~] The file extension (WAV, MP3, OGG) are now in lower cases
V 3.10
[+] Added play sound after record is done function
[+] Added DUTCH language file
[~] Write all cdplayer.ini entries in lower cases
[~] Fixed problem that OGG encoder bitrate can't be set
V 3.00
[+] Added (GERMAN) language support
[~] Fixed problem that Extended Titles are not shown
[-] CDDB is no longer supported
V 2.96.30
[+] Added a clock to the statusbar
[+] Added 'Submit CD Info' support (freedb/CDDB)
[+] Added ability to set a local server (freedb/CDDB)
[~] Changed freedb protocol level to 5 (add YEAR and CATEGORY)
[~] Fixed problem that ACXtractor allocates to much memory during ripping
[~] Increased speed
V 2.95.32
[~] Fixed problem that SHELL32.DLL is necessary (happens only with old NT 4.0 or Win95 systems)
V 2.95.30
[+] Added multiple selection of WAV files to encode (File:Convert ...)
[+] Added MP3 tags to encoded files when using record settings 'Save as WAV, then encode' or 'Save as WAV, then encode, then delete'
V 2.95.20
[+] Added version of encoder to the encoder name
[~] Fixed problem that GOGO encoder crashes at the end of encoding
V 2.95.15
[+] Completely reworked the SCSI library
[+] Drive letter can be selected manually
[+] Added proxy support (freedb/CDDB)
[~] Changed the function to get Media ID
[~] Changed 'Edit CD Info'
[~] Bugfix ID3V2
[~] Changed the Cddb/freedb support
[~] Changed VORBIS encoder to RC3
[+] Added ID3V2 support
[~] Changed the CDDB/freedb support
[~] Bugfix ID3V1: fixed problem with track 10
V 2.94.23 (for registered users only)
[~] Fixed some problems with internal SCSI manager
[+] Updated VORBIS encoder to BETA4
V 2.94.18 (for registered users only)
[+] Added support for VORBIS encoder
[+] Enable/ disable Fade In and Fade Out of recorded WAV files (Options:Read)
[+] Show total time in 'Record Selection' if multiple tracks selected
[+] Create M3U playlist (File:Export Winamp playlist))
[+] Added Play function after double-click a track (TOC)
[+] Added Year information (Edit CD)
[+] Enable/ disable 'Show Edit CD Info after CDDB inquiry' (Options:Cddb)
[+] Added property page 'Miscellaneous'
[+] Enable/ disable 'Close program after Record All' (Options:Miscellaneous)
[+] Enable/ disable 'Open tray after Record All' (Options:Miscellaneous)
[+] Display OS and DLL version information in status window
[~] INI files bigger than 64k can be read and written now
[~] The TOC window is now sizeable
[~] BUGFIX: CDDB request crashed with huge info files (>20KB)
V 2.93
[~] Changed the name of the program to 'ACXtractor' (Audio CD Xtractor)
[+] Added internal SCSI-manager for Win NT/2000 (Device:Settings)
[+] Added support for two new encoders (LAME, GOGO) (Options:Save File)
[~] Changed entry 'Select CDROM' to 'Settings' (Device:Settings)
[+] Added button Export SCSI info (Device:Settings): This writes all SCSI infos to a text-file. If you have problems with ACXtractor it would be a good idea to send me this file with your error description.
[+] Added Category (Edit CD)
[~] Changed Compile Filename: New entry Category and Backslash (to create directories)
[+] Added MP3V1 Tag (Options:Save File): Append MP3V1 tag at the end of a MP3 file
[+] Added button Record ALL: This will do all necessary thing to copy the whole CD with one touch: Read TOC, Ask CDDB, Select all Tracks, Record all Tracks (as WAV or MP3)
[+] Added CDDB support (Button Ask CDDB after Read TOC)
[+] Added CDDB settings (Options:CDDB): It is necessary to enter your e-mail to use CDDB
[+] Added Ask CDDB during Record ALL (Options:CDDB)
[+] Added TOC settings (Options:TOC)
[+] Added version information of used DLL's (status window)
[+] Added information of found CDROM devices (status window)
[+] Added three different kinds of View (Minimum/ Standard/ Expert)
[~] Completely reworked the program
[+] Divided some functions into DLLs
[~] Reworked main form
[~] Changed detection of ASPI-driver
[~] Changed read of Media ID
[+] Added read ISRC function
[+] Added Play multiple tracks as one function (See the Options:Play settings)
[+] Added adjustable width of colums of the TOC-window
[~] Changed settings for default record (See the Options:Save File settings)
V 990729
[~] Changed detection of CD-ROM types
[+] Added Test Reccord button in dialog 'Select CD-ROM'
[+] Added HELP
[~] Changed creation of filename
[+] Set reading speed for CD-ROMs supporting the MMC set
[+] Add the whole CD as one track
[~] Reworked use of Previous and Next button
[~] Changed use of Stop button (Stop/ Pause/ Resume)
[-] Removed Resume button
[+] Added Reset Selection button
[+] Added intro scan
[+] Added clean trace window
V 990428
[~] Added MP3 support
[+] Added skip previous and skip next button
[+] Added multiple selection of tracks (play and record)
[+] Enable/ disable start CD-ROM before record (PIONEER drives have some problems)
V 990221
[~] Faster detection of SCSI-Devices (Select CD-ROM dialog)
[+] Drive type can be selected manually
[+] Enable/ disable removing of NULL-samples at the start and end of a recorded file
[+] Added start time in track window
[+] Shows the current track and index during playback
[+] Layout changed
V 981111
[+] Added support for ATAPI CD-ROM
[~] Changed the slider-control for playing a song
V 981005
[~] Changed use of acceleration keys
[~] Changed the outfit of the status window
[+] Enable/ disable automatically correction of reading errors
V 980711
[+] Added support for Windows NT
[+] Added support for HP, IMS, PHILIPS drives
[+] Enable/ disable function for the Select CD-ROM dialog on startup
V 980512
[+] Added tooltips for controls
[+] Added loop-function for play
[+] Added Set Start and Set End buttons
[+] The program detects recording problems and try to fix them
V 980412
First release of the CD ripper RDACD

History of the freedb / CDDB grabber CDAID
[+]:Added [~]:Changed [-]:Removed

V 03.20
[+] Added ability to select XSL 1.0 and/or XSL WD files [~] Fixed problem that no track title is added if Get CD Info of Offline list is used
V 03.10
[+] Added entries ID3genre and Year to exported file [+] Added XSL-1.0 file [~] Updated XSL-WD file [~] Fixed problem that Get CD Info from Offline list don't work [~] Write all cdplayer.ini entries in lowercases
V 03.01
[+] Added ability to set CD Info server manually (local server)
[~] Fixed problem that Extended Titles are not shown
V 03.00
[-] Removed CDDB support
[~] Changed protocol level to 5
[~] Fixed submit problem
[~] Improved freedb support
[~] Fixed problem that you can't access the cddb server
[+] Added support for freedb, the free CDDB provider
[+] Added new XML sheet
[~] Fixed some little bugs when processing offline CDs
[+] Added support for INI files > 64k
[~] Changed function 'Export Audio CD info': You can export your CD infos in addition to a text file now to a XML file.
[+] Added XSL file: Added a stylesheet (AudioCDList.XSL) as an example. Feel free to make your own stylesheet and -if you think it is a good one- mail it to me.
[+] Added Options entry: You can use the new entry 'Add XSL stylesheet to XML file' to set a stylesheet to the exported XML file (Till now XML and XSL files -as defined by W3C organization- are only supported by MS IE 5.0 and above).
[~] Bugfix of function 'Get CDDB info': CDAID crashed with some few CDs during connection to CDDB.
[+] Added function 'Add CD to Offline list': You can add your CDs to a offline list and get your CD infos later with a single command (Get CDDB info).
[+] Added function to write starting position and length of track to a file (CdPlayerExtCdaid.ini).
[+] Added function 'Export Audio CD info': You can export your CD infos to a vertical line seperated text file.
[+] Added tooltips.
First release of the CD AUDIO Information Downloader.
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